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Earn To Die

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EarnToDieEarn to Die, from Toffee Games, is an exciting zombie escape online flash game. You find yourself in a desert, with an undead population seeking to gnaw your bones. Can you escape the threat alive and find your way out? From your hilltop vantage, you see a helicopter across the zombie plagued valley below. To reach salvation, you must buy a car, and fight your way to safety. You’ll start with $500, which gets you a junker car to begin your play. Can you get out? The game features only one level, but can you beat it? Gameplay becomes progressively more challenging as your capabilities improve. If you can reach the end, can you do it again, but at a faster pace? Gameplay is through the familiar flash game user interface, so there will be no challenge understanding how to operate the game. You start with a little bit of cash, which gets you through the first “day” of the game. Each day equates to the distance you are able to travel with the fuel limitations of your vehicle. The distance determines how much cash you will earn for that day. At the end of each day you are returned to the garage, where you can then use your cash for upgrades such as weapons, boost, tires, or even from your junk car to a bigger and better truck. You can also purchase additional capacity for fuel tank and boost, getting you even further each day. Bonuses are also earned for stunts and zombie strikes, giving even more cash. Can you put it all together and get from your hilltop to the helicopter? Can you improve the time it takes you to do so? Earn to Die will challenge you to exploit the resources provided and fight your way through zombies to your escape. The further you get each day, the more cash you will get for upgrades. Your upgrades will boost your distance and earnings each day, bringing new obstacles as you explore further into the desert. There is only one level, but it challenges you more the further you get.

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